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Why is Elastic Cord so Commonly Used

If you’re moving and want to make sure your valuables are properly secured, you’ll want to go with cords. Using a cord for moving is popular as it absorbs from bumps keeping your boxes in place. You don’t want to reach your destination to open a box filled with broken dishes.


While transportation is the most popular use for  cords, the item is commonly used in many other aspects as well. Elastic cord can assist in the repair of many everyday items such as tent poles and shoelaces. If a tent pole snaps, don’t throw it away. Repair it with elastic cord. The same goes for broken laces.

You can be creative with cords. The material makes a trendy and fun headband that’s also practical. It will keep the hair out of your face, and you can even strap a headlight to the front of the cord. Some users of cords have built a ball rack to secure all their sporting equipment. The heavy-duty material ensures that the balls will stay put and not fall.

Elastic Cord

Another use is the repairing of chairs. If you break a loop on a zero gravity chair, repair it with elastic cord. The same goes for chair straps.

Elastic  cords are commonly made with nylon, polypropylene, and polyester webbing. They are incredibly durable and rot-resistant. If you’re looking for cords for any need, give us a call.

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