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Types of Cord Locks: An Overview

Camping enthusiasts are very familiar with cord locks, because they come in so handy during outdoor adventures. From mountain climbers to avid hikers, so many people can make good use of cord locks, which help with fastening equipment and holding down gear. Even in cold and windy weather, cord locks will remain durable and come in clutch in many circumstances. Cord locks can be used by many other people as well, as they truly are flexible and long-lasting. Learn more about some of the benefits of the variety of cord locks available on the market today.

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First things first, cord locks are so popular because they can be used in many different situations, from fastening elastic cords and ropes to securing elastic strings and rope. This versatility allows for users to adapt cord locks for their specific needs for every occasion. Take a dual-opening cord lock for example, which comes in handy for particular bags or sacks. With a dual lock, you can cinch the cord to a more comfortable level so that there isn't a large opening. In the great outdoors, this is ideal for keeping large items like sleeping bags or even trash bags out of the way. Over time, drawstrings can experience wear and tear, so cord locks can serve as added reinforcement for looser closures.


A plastic cord lock can be used for much more than camping trips. A lot of the jackets, sweaters and jogging pants in your closet have strings that require fastening. Plastic cord locks and flat-top cord locks can keep these strings contained and controlled, so that you're more comfortable. This way, you won't need to readjust every few minutes. Ball cord locks are also a great solution for outwear, because the shape allows for a more manageable approach.


Cord locks come in many shapes and sizes, including boxes and squares. There's also double-opening cord locks to choose from. All plastic cord locks have a simple design that makes for easy use. Every cord lock contains a barrel, spring, and toggle, also called a plunger. When you press down, this releases the spring's tension and the spring bounces back, holding your cord tightly in place. These really are some of the easiest fastening devices you'll find anywhere! That's why so many people are using them today.

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