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4 Military Gifts for Your Cadet Friend

One of the distinguishing hallmarks of a career of military service is the pride both the service members and family members will forever have. Whether you’re dealing with new cadets or long-time veterans, pride in their service, comrades, and country is part of the package deal. When trying to come up with gift ideas, keeping this sense of pride in mind can be an excellent tool for making choices that are sure to be treasured. From practical gifts they can use daily to commemorative gifts that can be displayed with pride, read on for military gift ideas for the service members in your life.

nylon webbing

Flag Display Cases

For retirees, veterans, family members, and even cadets new to the service, a flag display case is a great way to decorate a room or home in a way that honors both country and service. In various sizes and made from different materials based on preference, a flag display is always a great bet.

Personalized Coffee Mug

For something portable, practical, and simple, a personalized coffee mug is a great way to go. Your cadet will surely appreciate a vessel for their daily coffee that includes the official insignia of their military branch as well as their name or other personal message.

Assignment or Deployment Map

For many members of the military, moving around the country or world is part of the job. A map with markings for each of those assignments or locations makes an excellent gift.

Military Webbing Uses

On the more practical end of things, military webbing is always in high demand for people used to making due with what they have on hand. With military specs for use like parachutes, slings, straps, handles, and even pet products, webbing is kind of like duct tape in that it can be used for just about anything. From web belts to bracelets to webbing that can be put in a tool kit, it’s always a handy product to have around. Browse to find just what you need.

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