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About National Webbing

National Webbing Products Co. (NWP) is a vertically integrated, diverse manufacturer of narrow fabrics, hardware, hook and loop, neoprene and zippers. Our wide range of narrow fabrics includes webbing, braid, tapes, knits, and cords from commodity to military specification to fashion and everything in between. We offer cotton, polypropylene, nylon, polyester and as well as webbings tapes and braids made from eco-friendly raw materials. NWP has been providing raw materials and quality finished products in a timely fashion around the corner or around the world for over 70 years.

National Webbing

We can design your products in the United States; manufacture them domestically or at our own joint-venture plants in Asia and ship to your facilities throughout the world! "Excellence Through Innovation" summarizes our approach to product development. Our ongoing innovative philosophy ensures your products will be on the cutting edge of technology in appearance, function and performance. NWP is the prime supplier of narrow fabrics, hardware, hook and loop, neoprene and zippers that are used in a multitude of finished products.

NWP controls the entire manufacturing process from raw materials through assembly and packaging with our quality control department supervising each step of the process. NWP's prime commitment is to provide quality, efficiency, reliability, and customer service. NWP’s straps can be assembled from cotton, nylon, polypropylene using our high quality plastic and metal hardware.

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