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Top 8 Uses for Polyester Webbing

Polyester webbing is a popular choice of webbing in numerous industries.  Polyester is similar to nylon but is more durable with greater tensile strength, making polyester webbing ideally suited for situations requiring greater weight bearing needs and longer durability.  Polyester will not stretch when wet, unlike cotton or nylon webbing, which is also an added benefit of using polyester webbing in outdoor and wet environments.

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The Top Eight Uses Of Polyester Webbing:

  1. Equestrian – Typically bit and bridle as well as saddles and tackle have traditionally been manufactured out of strips of leather.  Leather, however, lacks the strength and durability of polyester webbing while also requiring frequent treatment and replacement.  Leather also breaks expectantly making it an undesirable choice in most circumstances. In all ways possible polyester webbing is better suited for equestrian uses over that of traditional materials.
  2. Pet – Leashes and collars are the most common use of polyester webbing.  However other uses include pet harnesses.  Given the number of pets, pet use of polyester webbing ranks highly.
  3. Sporting Goods – Sporting good polyester webbing is used in a multitude of different activities and different ways.  Given polyester webbing’s superior tensile strength, durability, weight, and cost the webbing is used in diverse equipment and uniforms as well as across a full pantheon of sports.
  4. Outdoor – Outdoor uses of webbing include everything from the previously mentioned ports to also camping, hiking, backpacking and more.  As webbing is essential in securing and transporting different equipment and loads, polyester webbing is used in numerous outdoor activities, most notably rock climbing.
  5. Handbags – Polyester webbing is used in handbags and fashion to increase the practicality of designer handbags.  Typically polyester webbing is used in connection with other materials to increase the lifetime of the accessory given all of the advantages of polyester webbings.
  6. Luggage – Polyester webbing is a particular favorite of luggage as luggage is required to bear heavy loads, be durable, and reliable.  The reduction in weight and the increase in tensile strength are key factors in polyester webbing’s use in luggage.
  7. Military – Military applications for webbing are used throughout the military industrial complex from everything including uniforms, equipment, transportation, and securing.
  8. Medical – Similar to use in the military, polyester webbing is used for numerous functions in the healthcare industry.

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