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Reasons to Consider Organic Cotton

There are many reasons why individuals are flocking to organic cotton products. Cotton is desirable because it is durable and comfortable, but there are specific problems associated with harvesting the material. First, cotton is known as one of the top four GMO crops in the entire world. The plants are also sprayed with intense pesticides (Bayer’s aldicarb). The chemicals used to make cotton are known to pollute local waterways while harming the health of farmers working with the substance.

Reducing the United States dependency on cotton will help to:

  1. Reduce people’s exposure to the harsh chemicals used to manufacture cotton
  2. Keep human food supplies pesticide-free
  3. Lessen exposure to hazardous insecticides and pesticides
  4. Conserve water and other energy sources
  5. Protect oceans from pollution (microfiber)

Companies that want to offer the best possible products for their customers and the environment can turn to organic cotton for soft and strong material used for webbing. Many consumers are aware of the global impact of mass-produced goods, and so many are trying to find environmentally friendly alternatives to products they have used in the past. Companies that utilize organic cotton webbing are going to be providing sustainable products that their customers desire.

Cotton Webbing

If organic cotton does not work for you, we also offer a wide range of other materials that are strong and economically friendly. We carry:

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