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Plastic Fasteners: Their Types and Uses

Plastic fastening clips and other plastic fasteners are great tools for holding things together. They come in many different sizes and shapes to fit any need. What are all of the types of plastic fasteners? What things are they used for in your daily life? There are so many things that use plastic clips that you probably don't know about.

Nylon Webbing

What Types of Clips Are There?

There are plastic clips for everything imaginable. Most things that are made in other materials also have a plastic clone. There are plastic bolts and screws, washers and bushings, and clamps. There are also many plastic versions of electrical parts such as cable clips, wire protectors, cable clamps, cable glands, and gears. Some other pieces include plastic hole plugs, rivets, rings, and fittings. There are also many forms of plastic buckles. If two things need to be held together or plugged up, there is usually a plastic option to do the job.

What Are the Many Uses?

A large number of plastic options offer many different uses. Some of the common uses for plastic alternatives include:

• Clips to hold the bumper of your car
• Plastic screw anchors to keep a screw tight in drywall
• Plastic hose clamps to keep a hose tight around another hose or a connector
• Zip ties, which have a wide variety of uses
• Gears that work in many small machines and parts
• Hole plugs to keep air and fluids in place
• Washers that can squish tight enough to avoid leaks

Benefits of Using Plastic

The list of types and uses goes on and on. Listed above are some of the common applications. Why is plastic used for different types of metal or other materials? Plastic has a unique property that allows it to outperform in many areas, including protection from corrosion or rust, being lighter in weight, electrical and chemical resistance, and stability when vibrated. Use plastic the next time you need to hold something together or in place.

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