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When is the Right Time to Use Cotton Webbing?

There are many options for webbing to choose from, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to use different types of webbing interchangeably, but that is only the case for specific applications. When the choice is made without carefully thinking through options, it could lead to issues and failure. Polypropylene and nylon webbing share several similarities; however, cotton webbing is more unique as a material. When using cotton webbing, there are several advantages.

Cotton Webbing

Cotton has exceptional moisture retention. The material does not work well in high heat or electrical conditions. It also has low thermal conductivity. Because of how cotton webbing is constructed, air quickly gets in the middle, which is why cotton has such excellent moisture retention and makes people feel warm.

Cotton webbing is a hygienic material, making it a fantastic option for medical environments and applications. Cotton is a natural fiber that has been tested again and again. Cotton webbing does not irritate human skin, which can be the case with polypropylene or nylon.

Cotton has excellent hygroscopicity, which is a material's ability to absorb water onto its surface. Cotton webbing, unlike other types of webbing, absorbs moisture found in the surrounding air. Cotton remains soft, and if humidity increases, moisture in webbings disperses and evaporates. Cotton webbing keeps a consistent balance between water and comfort.

Lastly, cotton webbing is an ideal choice when alkalis surround webbing. Alkaline solutions do not damage cotton. Pollutants can be easily washed of material so that all impurities are removed.

As mentioned above, cotton webbing offers many advantages but should not be used in all applications and environments. Be smart about what webbing materials you use. For more information, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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