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How to Get the Most Out of Nylon Webbing?

Nylon webbing is a very popular material because of its benefits. Besides being strong and durable, it is also an affordable material. These are just a few reasons why it is so widely used within so many industries. From military applications to boarding equipment, nylon webbing is all around us. Once a person recognizes that nylon is a highly unique material, they soon begin to recognize that they need to care for it in specific ways. Misuse and improper treatment of nylon webbing is the quickest way to damage the material.

How should you care for nylon fabrics?

Caring for nylon webbing is not difficult. However, there are specifics everyone should know. When washing nylon, you should avoid using automated machinery like washing machines and dryers. Heavy washing and automatic drying create pilling on the fabric. Nylon webbing should be washed by hand with a delicate nylon cloth, and only a mild detergent should be used. It is important not to oversaturate webbing with cleaning solutions. If nylon does end up in a washing machine, make sure it is set to cold temperatures. You should also avoid drying nylon in direct sunlight.

Nylon is often easy to clean because dirt does not stick to the fabric. However, there are certain instances where pre-treatments are required. Soaking materials in a mixture of detergent and water can help remove stains.

How nylon webbing is stored matters. Whether storing for short term or long, webbing should be put away properly. Before putting nylon away, make sure it’s completely clean. Any contaminants left over could potentially change the color of the fabric. Avoid keeping webbing in overly moist areas. Do not keep webbing directly on floors. Make sure webbing is coiled correctly before storing.

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