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When Should You Use Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing is used in so many industries that it is common for both individuals and businesses to have some nylon webbing in their home, shop, or business. Because the material is durable and strong, it is commonly used in a large variety of products. Once someone points out nylon webbing, you will begin to see it all over the place.Military Belts and Buckles

To better understand the strength levels of this material, you need to know how the content is used. For instance, the United States military realizes heavily on nylon webbing to construct military equipment. Military packs, which are used for long periods in harsh conditions, benefit from the strength of nylon webbing. Racecar drivers that drive at speeds of up to 200 Mph use nylon to create racing straps to keep them safe in case of a crash.

Outdoor furniture manufacturers commonly use nylon webbing for seating areas of chairs or sports where the fabric needs to be a bit stretchy. The pet industry also likes nylon webbing for constructing harnesses, leashes, and collars for dogs and cats. Nylon webbing is commonly used to make elastic cords.

Why do so many industries and manufacturers turn to nylon instead of polypropylene, cotton, and polyester?

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