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What is Webbing and How is it Made

Those that already use nylon webbing know precisely why they do, but not all of them know exactly what webbing is and how it is made. Webbing is also commonly referred to as a narrow fabric, and it is considered a robust woven textile. We design and manufacture our webbing in different forms for use in a wide array of industries. Our webbing is incredibly versatile, and sometimes it is used to replace other, more expensive industrial ropes and chains.

Nylon Webbing

Webbing is made by weaving yarn or other synthetic fibers. The thread that is chosen is specific to the application demands of the ropes use (either synthetic or natural fibers). Weaving is a textile process that interlaces two distinct sets of yarn at right angles that eventually form a fabric. The type and patterns of weave are chosen to meet technical requirements.

After the weave is complete, the finishing process can begin. This is the part of manufacturing when nylon webbing is dyed, branded, treated with a specialized finish, and cut to length. Talk to our team about custom nylon webbing and shock cords.

Although webbing is used for many different reasons, several common motives drive people to purchase and use webbing. Everyday uses include:

Nylon Webbing

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