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How Metal Hardware Sells the Product

National Webbing Products Co. is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of not only webbing, but also webbing metal hardware.  Webbing is one of the most versatile and important products available for companies throughout numerous industries.  Webbing is used extensively in militaries and hospitals worldwide, as well pet care and handling, equestrian sports, and even fashion.  However, regardless of the application of the webbing, the one real selling point of webbing comes in the form of metal hardware.

In addition to the webbing products, the webbing metal hardware that National Webbing Products Co. offerings includes:

Military Buckles – Made to military grade specifications, and appearances.  Unlike nearly every category of webbing metal hardware with perhaps the sole exception being medical, military buckles are required to be manufactured according to strict standards and to pass specific load bearing and operational requirements.

Medical Metal Hardware – Similar to military hardware, medical metal hardware are required to know load bearing weight and operational standards as well.  Medical hardware is also built to stringent specifications to ensure the quality and consistency of the metal hardware and the associated webbing.

Prong Buckles – Simple prong design popular in belt fashion.  Typically prongs require that the webbing have holes bored into the webbing to secure the load.  A variety of evenly spaced holes allows for different sized loads to be secured.

Utility Buckles – Utility buckles generally lack a refined finish and are utilitarian in their design.  Able to secure multiple loads at different weights and available in numerous different designs to accommodate different widths of webbing, utility buckles are noted for their versatility and ease of use.

Hooks – Simple hooks are available in a variety of sizes and designs to allow for easy use and selection.  National Webbing Products Co. offers a wide variety of different hooks to fit any and all needs.

Rings – Rings are available in a numerous designs including D-rings, ovals, rectangular, and more.

Slides – Slides are a popular webbing fastener, versatile in use they operate through friction when securing webbing.  Different styles of slides available include a secure bar slide, a moving bar slide, interlocking buckles, snap looks, cross over slides, suspender adjuster, and stamped slides.

Belt Tips – A clasp designed to secure loads through clamping to the webbing and is available in either nickel or steel materials.

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