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Metal Prong Buckles

Author: Robert K.

Although Prong Buckles are mostly familiar from their widespread uses in utilitarian apparel, they also play big roles in making clear-cut fashion statements. Belt buckles with prongs are often found on jean jackets in spots where they aren't actually used to adjust the fit at all. Their inclusion solely as a stylistic flair is common, but it belies their useful nature. Click here for examples of prong buckles.

Prong Buckles have been around since Ancient Roman soldiers and their contemporaries used them to hold their armor and helmets in place, but they have benefitted from some major technological improvements since those days. Modern bar buckles incorporate angled side supports that increase their overall strength and make them much easier to thread. They also use nickel and other metals that resist corrosion while retaining their strength and sheen. This makes them good for use in sterile environments where porous plastic buckles would be inappropriate.

Because these buckles incorporate both double and single-bar designs, they can be used for a wide variety of tasks. In addition to holding multiple bag or purse straps in place so that they can be adjusted to a user-appropriate length, buckles can also be used to secure goods in place. Although they're often found on pre-packed shipments that are going to travel over long distances, these buckles are made with smoother inner surfaces that don't wear at straps and shinier, friendlier contours that invite interaction.

In fashion, metal prong buckles are commonly used to accentuate materials like leather and denim. By combining these darker, natural textures with bright metal elements like studs and buckles, these clothes make it easy for consumers to create their own uniquely appealing arrangement that accents itself.

Consumers like metal prong buckles because they're familiar enough to be readily usable by almost anyone, yet durable enough to endure most types of consumer abuse. The fact that they come in multiple sizes and styles also means that your designers can use them to create matching sets of clothing. Using metal buckles to outfit your fashion line is the best way to add instant utility and ensure that consumers are visually drawn to your styles.

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