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What is the Best Wholesale Webbing Material for Dog Products

Nylon WebbingDesigning pet products requires knowledge of material characteristics. You must first select the suitable material to get the most from your products. Purchasing wholesale webbing for pet products is not cheap, so you must get suitable material first. As a result of various material options, it can often be challenging to choose the best webbing for dog collars and leashes. Should you construct your products from polypropylene, cotton, or nylon webbing?

When it comes down to it, nylon webbing is seen as the more dependable option of the three. Nylon boasts the highest strength levels. Simply put, nylon webbing is a more robust material than polypropylene webbing. Polypropylene has tensile strengths that go up to 600 pounds per inch. Nylon, however, can reach strengths up to 5,500 pounds. Dog leashes need to be secure and safe, which is why nylon webbing is an ideal material for constructing leashes.

Nylon is also considered a strong choice because of its durability. Nylon is abrasion resistant, meaning dogs can scratch and bite at collars/leashes without breaking.

Polypropylene webbing does a fantastic job of blocking UV rays. Pet products from this material can be left in the sun for extended periods without damage or color fading. Polypropylene is also a waterproof material, which makes it an excellent option for dog products in wet/rainy areas.

Cotton webbing is the softest material, which is excellent for the dog and the person walking them. Cotton products are great for designs and aesthetic customizations because cotton is easy to color and design.

Make sure you choose the right wholesale webbing option for your exact needs. If you have more questions about the difference between polypro and nylon webbing, you should give our team a call today!

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