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Why is Cotton Webbing a Hot Accessory in Fashion Design

Cotton Webbing for Fashion

At National Webbing Products, we are cotton webbing manufacturing experts and professionals and are able to manufacture any accessory needed or wanted.  Webbing is a growing industry used to create secure straps, belts, and other accessories requiring similar features.  Webbing is noted for its increased textile strength, as well as being fashionable.  Because of the versatility of cotton webbing it is being used increasingly more and more in different accessories.

Cotton webbing can be produced into a great variety of different weights, lengths, and colors to meet any needs or desires.  National Webbing Products are able to be woven in elastic or non-elastic products.  Different products that can be manufactured from cotton webbing include belts, apparel trim, medical products and purposes, military products and accessories, sporting goods, handbags, luggage, outdoor equipment, equestrian products, pet leashes and other pet products, and many more.

At National Webbing Products cotton webbing products are used in a variety of different industries as well.  This includes more than utility, but also fashion.  As webbing is more durable and features increased textile strength, webbing is used in numerous accessories to balance delicate materials.  Cotton webbing can be easily have other material sleeved over the webbing, such as silk, satin, leather, and numerous others.  By combining cotton webbing with the different materials the finer more delicate materials have less wear and tear thus increases the value of the product.

At National Webbing Products we are able to produce webbing for any occasion or purpose.  Our webbing products are available in lightweight, mid weight, heavyweight, extra heavy weight, and tape.  Cotton webbing are available in every color imaginable, available in over 50 different colors.  Not all colors are available in every weight of webbing, however the exceptions are few.

At National Webbing Products we manufacture in high volume and quantities in an effort to pass savings and value to our customers and clients.  We offer competitive prices that match or exceed the prices and costs of numerous competitors.

Our deign staff delivers innovative styles to any fashion design and exceed simple fashion design combing both form and function beautifully.

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