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Fashionable Web Belts

Specialized Industry

Finding fashionable web belts at online or brick-and-mortar stores is often difficult for clothing manufacturers. Designers require beautiful belts to place around the waistbands of garments to help the items fit better or look attractive. Fortunately, National Webbing Products Co. in Plainview, N.Y., has an assortment of fiber goods available. We are a specialized industry focused on manufacturing narrow fabrics and fastening devices designed for clothing and accessories. Our creative team keeps up with the latest technology and fashions to provide quality merchandise to manufacturers involved in making camping gear, clothing and pet products.

web belts webbing varieties

Various Fibers

We can provide web belts made of fibers including polyester, nylon or cotton made in single or multiple colors with embellishments such as metal rings or buckles that make a fashion statement. If you are seeking durable belts meant to complement men, women or children’s garments, then ordering from National Webbing Products Co., is the answer. We make it easy for our customers to select the perfect goods by providing full color photographs and written details. Buyers in a hurry can sort their shopping selections by using clickable categories such as eco-friendly, fiber type or color.

Customized Products

Our professional company has sold fashionable web belts for over 60 years that provide excellent performance for a wide range of accessory and clothing products. You can choose between ordering webbing goods designed by our creative team or request customized products. We have factories located in the United States and Asia that ship goods quickly to buyers. Manufacturers making military garments can find the specialty belts required to complete outfits in a variety of colors including navy, khaki and black. Each military belt is made with a sturdy nickel or brass buckle that meets government standards.

Clothing Accessory

Garment manufacturers throughout the world require a new assortment of fashionable web belts each season for slacks, skirts and dresses designed for adults and children. At National Webbing Products Co., your clothing designers can find nonelastic and elastic belts in plain or multicolor designs that look perfect with garments. If you design and produce clothing, then having an accessory such as a quality belt helps to sell products including trousers or shorts to customers. Choosing to add a customized or predesigned fashion belt to a garment that has belt loops makes sense when selling clothing in retail establishments.

Logo Designs

Today’s fashion web belts are an important way for you to brand a clothing company by having us embellish the fabrics or buckles with specialized logo designs. We also supply unique belts for women’s garments with features such as leather closures or rhinestone adornments. A feminine belt design can make a fashion statement that helps to move garments from a store’s racks to a customer’s home. Clothing manufacturers can easily look at our product line before having their designers create new garments each season. National Webbing Product Co. has a toll-free telephone number and website form to answer customer's questions.

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