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Blue Star Webbing Offers the Highest Quality Webbing Around

When you need to use webbing, you want to be sure that you are using a brand you can trust. You want a product that will stand up to extreme uses and pressures. Blue Star Webbing does just that.

Blue Star Webbing from National Webbing Products Co. can be made from cotton, nylon, polypropylene, and many other materials in order to match its strength with its use. When you need a reliable belt, dog leash, tow strap, or other product, you can count on Blue Star Webbing to give you a great product that you can depend on.

Of our three standard types of webbing--cotton, nylon, and polypropylene--you can choose from lightweight, heavyweight, and tape styles in order to purchase the exact kind of webbing to fit your specific needs. Our webbing also comes in varying widths in order to conveniently match any project you have.

nylon webbingNot only does supply cotton, nylon, and polypropylene webbing, but you can also acquire industrial webbing, fashion webbing, elastic webbing, and Military Specification webbing. With all of these different varieties of webbing, Blue Star Webbing is guaranteed to have the kind of webbing you’re looking for made from the materials you need.

For over 60 years, National Webbing has been supplying quality webbing to consumers and businesses all over the world. We control the manufacturing, assembly, and packaging of all the materials and commodities we sell. This is because we are determined to be as eco-friendly as possible. We can offer products made from recycled polyester, bamboo, organic cotton, and other “green” options.

Regardless of the type of webbing you are in the market for, Blue Star Webbing comes in all kinds of patterns and designs. No matter what plans you have in mind for this webbing, you can find a color or pattern that matches your aesthetic idea.

Blue Star Webbing from genuinely wants to make the earth a safer and healthier place for both plants, animals, and people. With our eco-friendly products and our desire to produce reliable, high quality webbing, you can feel comfortable using Blue Star Webbing materials for almost any purpose.

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