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Information on Creating Webbing

Although most people use some form of webbing in their daily life, few know precisely what webbing is. We want to take some time to answer a simple question: what is webbing?

Poly Webbing

Webbing is typically referred to as a narrow fabric. It is commonly used because it is a very strong woven textile that is designed for applications in multiple industries. The material is versatile and is often used to replace steel wire, chains, and ropes. It is used in non-industrial applications as well.

Some of the most common materials used to create webbing include:

  1. Nylon webbing
  2. Poly webbing
  3. Organic cotton webbing

Webbed materials are commonly used in many everyday items. For instance, webbing is used to make seatbelts in cars, straps for bags, and load straps. Its commercial applications include sporting goods, marine equipment, and furniture. If you have a specific need for webbing, give our team a call to discuss your options.

Weaving yarns make webbing. We choose threads based on application needs and then use machinery to weave together desired yarns. Weaving is considered a type of textile production that interlocks two distinct sets of yarn at right angles. Various weave patterns exist to enhance the performance and characteristics of final products.

Poly Webbing

For more information on creating custom webbing, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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