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Types of Plastic Side Release Buckles

Compared to other plastic buckles, the side release style is the most common type. As the name implies, pressing in on the sides of this buckle causes it to release, unlike other models that use a center or cam-style release. There are several types of side release buckles, each with a unique purpose. Keep reading to learn more from National Webbing Products. Nylon Webbing Buckles


Most side release buckles are designed with slots at each end that allow you to attach a cord or strap. These slots are essential to the basic functionality of the buckle, but it’s important to note that not all side buckles are adjustable. An adjustable side buckle has a set of “teeth” inside these slots that grip the strap or cord. By pulling the material through the slot, you can determine the right length for a sports watch band or lanyard, for example. A dual-adjustable buckle can be adjusted from either end of the release mechanism.


Contoured buckles are in high demand among sports and crafting enthusiasts. They feature a slight curve on the inside of the buckle that contours perfectly to a wrist or ankle, making this buckle ideal for watches and sports bands. Paracord bracelets use these types of buckles to provide a comfortable fit and prevent skin irritation.


A reflective side release buckle includes a reflective piece on the top of the buckle similar to a road reflector. This helps to increase the visibility of your buckle in low-light situations. For backpackers and bikers, a reflective buckle on a bag or belt will increase your visibility while traveling. For campers, a reflective buckle eliminates fumbling in the dark for your backpack flap.


As the name implies, a streamlined side release buckle is designed to be sleek and comfortable. The release nodes fit almost seamlessly inside the buckle’s counterpart, eliminating the possibility snags and creating a smooth, modern look.


A 5-sided side release buckle is perfect for applications that require increased functionality. These types of buckles are common on pet harnesses where multiple straps are used to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Plastic side release buckles have a wide variety of applications. For your fastening needs, check out the selection at National Webbing Products.

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