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Why Do Manufacturers Use Nylon Webbing

Webbing materials are used for a wide range of products and applications. Many people own products with webbing that they rely on without even recognizing that the product is made with webbing. Four of the most common products with webbing include:Nylon Webbing

Pet Collars and Leashes: Pet products are often made with webbing because the material is thin, flexible, and highly customizable. Both nylon and cotton are used to make these products. Individuals often like collars that are colorful and vibrant, and webbing is ripe for custom designs. Organic cotton webbing is a popular choice for dog collars and leashes.

Seat Belts: Anyone that has even driven in a car has used a seat belt for protection. Many individuals owe their life to a seat belt. Nylon webbing is flexible and thin, but it is incredibly strong and reliable. This material is also used in other important applications like transportation and shipping.

Furniture: The highest quality furniture is made with webbing. The other option is metal and springs, and those do not last nearly as long as furniture webbing. Nylon webbing is often used because of the strength of the material. Webbing is also used for outdoor furniture like lawn chairs.

Military Equipment: The military relies on these fabrics because of all the benefits that they offer.  For instance, webbing is used for mole systems, which are modular lightweight load-carrying equipment. Soldiers use this equipment on the battlefield, so they need to rely on its durability.

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