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New Range of Plastic Quick Release Buckles and Nylon Webbing

The things you need to buckle in are typically the most valuable and/or fragile of your possessions. You depend on safe, sturdy, and effective buckles to fasten children into vehicles, and children of all ages in harnesses for such potentially perilous activities as rock climbing and riding roller coasters.

A lot of trust is given to these small, plastic tabs that are expected to protect you, your loved ones, and other valuable items needing to be secured during travel or storage. Technological and engineering advances have made the use of straps and plastic side release buckles safer, easier, and more comfortable. From design to functionality, plastic buckles of all types and sizes are now available for nearly every imaginable purpose and application.

Plastic Quick Release Buckles

Buckles come in a contoured or flat design, black or colored tabs, featuring reflectors, breakaway releases, free formed, or mounted.

Among the kinds of plastic buckles available on the market today include:

Plastic side release buckles are available in a wide range of size and styles, for a variety of practical uses and applications. Technology has met with engineering expertise and specializing needs to create more and better ways to secure your most valuable people and property.

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