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Why You Need Strong Straps Belts Collars and More

Imagine walking your family dog Lucky down the street. He’s been cooped up all day and can’t wait to get out of the backyard and stretch his legs. You clip that old leash onto his collar and strain to keep your shoulder from dislocating as he pulls you down the sidewalk. And then you feel it--the collar is stretching. In a vain attempt to keep Lucky’s collar on, you yank a little harder on the leash...which snaps into two pieces and falls to your feet. Your children’s first pet is now bolting down the road, galloping over lawn ornaments and sprinklers. You attempt to run after him, but you know you don’t have a chance of catching up. Not so lucky after all, huh?

nylon webbingWith all the modern advances in technology, you no longer have to live with these kinds of incidents in your life. You can now get webbing made from all kinds of materials that can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure without breaking or stretching.

If you use weak webbing to make materials such as straps, belts, harnesses, leashes or collars, there could be disastrous consequences if those items fail to hold up to the weight and pressure bearing down on them.

Nylon Webbing

The strongest webbing you can use is nylon webbing. When you are requiring your webbing to be used for something like tow straps or harnesses, you want a strong webbing material that you can depend on. The next strongest is polypropylene. This webbing is also very useful when you don’t want your webbing to stretch. Polypropylene webbing is the most stretch-resistant webbing. Cotton webbing is the most comfortable feeling webbing and should be used when you aren’t too concerned about the strength of your webbing. This is a perfect material for belts or other accessory-type items.

Having strong, reliable webbing can save and protect you from many possible setbacks. When you need materials you can trust, get your webbing from a quality US webbing manufacturer that supplies you with products you can count on.

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