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What to Look for When Shopping for Webbing

When looking at webbing from afar, it is hard to see the differences between the different types. Coloring and size are the only observable characteristic, which does not tell us very much about the type of webbing. It is important to keep in mind that many factors go into constructing webbing, which means that each type is different. You need to choose the right webbing for your application or you run the risk of breaking or damaging webbing.Nylon Webbing

What are the most important factors to consider when shopping for webbing?

1. The most important consideration you need to make is the material type. There is a reason that several options exist, so you must make sure to choose the right one for your applications. For instance, cotton webbing is soft to the touch and beautiful, making it a great option for the fashion industry. Polypropylene webbing is waterproof and has strong UV resistance, making it a great choice for outdoor and marine environments. Nylon webbing is flame-retardant and can withstand hard outdoor work.

2. Choosing a weave type is also important. Weaving is the textile process used to create webbing. During construction, threads of material (called wefts and wraps) are interlaced to make a weave pattern. The plain weave is the most used weave because it is both reliable and affordable. The weave creates flat webbing that has a tight surface. You will commonly find this weave used for binding applications.

Nylon Webbing

For more information on choosing the right nylon webbing or cotton webbing for your specific application, you should not hesitate to give us a call.

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