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Make Sure You Get the Right Nylon Webbing

When shopping for webbing, you will be quickly confronted with an excessive amount of choices. It is essential to keep in mind that each rope style and construction is different, which means they perform differently. Getting the right elastic cord and webbing is an integral part of completing jobs the right way.Nylon Webbing

First, you must take some time to map out how the material will be used. Think about how it will be used in the real world and then determine what characteristics and properties you’ll need from your webbing.

Below, we want to highlight a couple of webbing material and application options:

Nylon Webbing (Tubular and Flat): this webbing is amongst the strongest available. It also boasts a high resistance to abrasion. The tubular variant is more durable and thicker than flat nylon webbing. It is common to use tubular nylon as a harness tether that has a elastic cord sewn into the tube.

Seat Belt Webbing: This type of webbing is certified by engineers to meet automotive safety standards. The webbing is exceptionally thin while still maintaining high tensile strength. Webbing is reinforced with strong threads, which keep it secure, flexible, and comfortable.

Nylon Webbing

For more information on getting the right webbing for your specific application, you should not hesitate to call us and consult with our team.

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