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Consider These Tips When Buying Wholesale Military Belt Buckles

Author: Robert K.

Almost all of us have a story of a spouse, parent, or sibling who came home from one of those wholesale box stores with an entirely unneeded amount of some product that they got “wholesale” and thus, it must be a deal. While buying wholesale can mean a good deal, it's not a certainty. If you're looking to buy military belt buckles wholesale, follow this advice.

Wholesale Belt Buckles

Check the Unit Price

Unit pricing is the bottom line of smart shopping, whether it's retail or wholesale. If your wholesale unit price is the same as the retail price, or even higher, you're not saving anything. In fact, you could be losing money on the entire purchase. Make sure you check the unit price for any purchase and compare it to the average retail price.

Compare Pricing

Not all wholesalers are created equal. Some offer better pricing, discounts, or promotions to get you to buy, while others only offer static pricing and occasionally, it' more expensive. When comparing pricing for wholesale military belt buckles, ask if larger quantities could get warrant a price break. Also, use online wholesale websites to compare pricing, even if you will make a purchase face-to-face.

Ask for Discounts

Volume discounts are covered above, but you should ask your wholesaler if they offer any other types of discounts. For example, some vendors will offer a discount if you pay in cash. With some, you can save if you pick up your order. Another possible discount is purchasing a product that is “dated,” particularly if you're taking it off your vendor’s hands. Remember that you never know unless you ask.

Vendor Reputation

Reputable vendors will deliver the product they advertise, at the price they advertised it. They also will back up their product with a quality assurance guarantee. In terms of customer service, read customer reviews online and get a sense of how satisfied their customers are with the quality of product, price, and response from the vendor when there are problems.

Quality Assurance

No matter how reputable a vendor seems, if their product is junk, none of it matters. When you're looking to buy military style belt buckles wholesale, make sure you check samples first and when you receive your shipment, randomly sample buckles and test them for quality.

Done right, buying military belt buckles wholesale can result in significant savings with each shipment. You have to verify certain qualities about your vendor and their product, however. Making sure you stipulate high quality at a good price will help you find a vendor you can rely on long-term.

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