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How to Get the Best Elastic Cords for Your Application

Elastic cords are a vital part of moving equipment, furniture, and more. They are vital pieces of equipment. Applications range from weekend activities like camping to industrial applications such as shipping goods. To meet the wide-ranging demands of individuals and industries, different is available for purchase. Learning about the different types of cords will ensure they you get cords for your exact needs. Using improper cords, like using nylon webbing when you need polyester, could have tragic consequences, so make sure to take the time to pick the right cord and material.Nylon Webbing

Identifying the needs of your application(s) will help you make a smart decision. Consider answering these two critical questions?

  1. How much stretching do you need? Elastic cords are desirable because of their ability to stretch up to 125% of its original size. Because of the stretching, the rope can withstand extra wear and tear. Different cords have various stretching factors, so you need to know how much stretching can be tolerated before making a smart choice.
  2. Do you need marine-grade options? If you are using ropes around saltwater or other wet environments, you might want to get  cords that have a polyester coating. Nylon webbing does not perform as well as polyester when wet. Spend the extra money to invest in a marine-grade option.

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