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Which Webbing Material is Right for You

It is essential to choose the correct materials when shopping for webbing and elastic cords. What is the correct rope you may be asking? Well, what Is right for some is not great for others. A rope’s material adds characteristics, and so materials should not be used interchangeably. Rope materials should be determined based on the stretch, loads, and other properties needed by the user. Understanding your specific needs is the first step to picking between nylon webbing and polyester webbing.

nylon webbing

Nylon is considered the best option for webbing that is used predominantly outdoors. It is common to find nylon webbing being used in fashion and for outdoor sporting goods. Nylon has a high resistance to UV degradation. Nylon does not lose strength like other materials when exposed to direct sunlight. Rock climbers like this material because it is elastic. Nylon is also able to absorb water.

Polyester is one of the most used webbing materials. It is durable, it doesn’t stretch, and it has decent UV stabilization. The material does not absorb water, and it comes in a wide range of strengths and widths.

Polypropylene webbing is considered a weak option. It is less resistant to abrasion than the above two materials. Although it is not as strong as other materials, it is the lightest option and absorbs the least amount of water.

Nylon Webbing

For more information on choosing a material, you should not hesitate to make us your first call.

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