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How do I Get the Webbing I Need

When the number of choices an individual has when shopping is overwhelming, choosing the right product becomes that much more difficult. Most commonly, people consider the strength, width, and type of webbing, but it is important to keep in mind that those are not the only three factors to consider. For instance, do you need materials that will float in water? What about webbing that can withstand UV radiation? Do you need a shock cord that is strong and elastic?

Polypropylene webbing is often thought to be not as strong or as abrasion resistant when compared to polyester and nylon. Polypropylene webbing works best when strength and UV resistance are not mandatory. Therefore, you will commonly find this type of webbing used for dog leashes and collars, luggage straps, utility work, and backpacks. This material offers the best color selection, so if you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing, look no further than polypropylene webbing.

Bag handles should be strong and soft. Of all material options, nylon is the softest, and so it is typically the most comfortable to handle. Flat polyester and polypropylene webbing are also used to make handles and backpack straps.

If you need webbing for hammock suspension, you will want to choose some polyester, whether that be seatbelt polyester or flat polyester. Polyester is strong and has minimal stretching when compared to other materials.

The webbing used for outdoor sports like boating and rock climbing requires materials that have strong UV resistance. Nylon is known to be the weakest of all materials for UV protection.

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