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Hook & Loop: An In-depth Look from Leading Nylon Webbing Wholesalers

Nylon Webbing

Nylon WebbingNational Webbing Products, a major provider of wholesale nylon webbing, combines hook-and-loop technology with the durability and strength of nylon webbing to create versatile products. This synergy results in a robust, reusable product suited for numerous applications such as outdoor equipment, pet leashes, and medical braces. This innovation allows businesses to deliver an exceptional product that merges strength, versatility, and durability. The blend of hook and loop with wholesale nylon webbing revolutionizes various industries, offering practical, resilient, and adaptable solutions. This ever-evolving combination anticipates promising prospects, unveiling innovative applications across sectors.

· Wholesale nylon webbing couples with hook-and-loop technology to form versatile products

· This combination produces a robust, reusable product, ideal for various applications

· Businesses can offer exceptional, versatile, and durable solutions due to this innovative pairing

· The fusion of hook and loop with wholesale nylon webbing revolutionizes numerous sectors

· The evolving nature of this combination continues to promise prospects, uncovering innovative applications across industries

Hook & Loop

The term 'hook and loop' is perhaps more familiarly recognized as VELCRO®, a product synonymous with the company that brought this ingenious fastener into existence. Delving into the origins and mechanisms of hook and loop sheds light on its fascinating history and extensive uses.

Hook and loop is a dual-component fastener that interlocks two distinct sides. The 'hook' side, characterized by its rough texture, is designed to latch onto many surfaces but finds its best match in the 'loop' side. With its soft, plush feel, this latter portion perfectly complements the hook side, creating a robust and reusable fastening bond upon contact.

The Story of Hook and Loop

The brainchild of George de Mestral, the concept of hook and loop materialized in the 1940s. Drawing inspiration from nature, de Mestral observed how burrs adhered to his attire, attributable to minuscule hooks interlocking with fabric loops. This observation spawned the idea of a two-part fastener made from two materials featuring hooks and loops.

Initially experimenting with cotton fibers, de Mestral eventually shifted to nylon due to its durability and thread thickness versatility. After numerous trials, he pioneered a production method, earning a patent in 1955 and launching production under the VELCRO® Brand, a portmanteau of the French words for velvet (velours) and hook (crochet). The original patent's expiration in 1978 paved the way for various companies to manufacture hook-and-loop products, some under trademarked names like DuraGrip®.

Applications of Hook and Loop

The multifaceted nature of hook and loop, coupled with its varying grip strengths, caters to a broad spectrum of needs. Although the most robust hook and loop has a shorter lifecycle, many iterations balance strength and reusability. It is available in various widths, sold as continuous rolls, round 'coin' rolls, or by the yard, as in VELCRO® Brand Wide Loop.

Further expanding its usefulness, pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed hook and loop, colloquially known as 'peel and stick,' provides a versatile option where sewing is not feasible or practical. Available in rubber-based or acrylic-based adhesives, they boast different bonding strengths and are compatible with various surfaces and weather conditions.

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