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T4 Black Government Spec Cotton Belt Web

Product Description

National Webbing Products (NWP) offers woven MIL Spec webbings in a variety of fibers such as Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, and Polypropylene. These Mil Spec webbings can be manufactured to conform to established Military Specifications. These Mil Spec products are  made to order in many colors and assorted widths. Our Mil Spec products are offered in many weaves such as plain and herringbone. Common uses of our Mil Spec products are Standard Mil-Spec needle-loom tubular webbing used on pet products, parachutes, harnesses, and general use straps. Lashing straps.  commonly known as “backpack” webbing safety harnesses, tie downs, slings, cargo nets, restraints, & straps and handles.