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MHB Heavy Weight Cotton Herringbone Web

MHB Heavy Weight Cotton Herringbone Web

Product Description

1-1/4" Heavy weigth cotton herringbone webbing, made to order.

National Webbing Products (NWP) provides an extensive selection of fashion webbing to meet all of your fashion needs.

The roll size of our fashion webbing come is sizes of 25 to 50 yards and a case size of 500 yards.   All of our webbing is .053 inches thick and comes in specific widths or can be made to order. Our Fashion Webbing is made to been seen and functional so we provide a wide variety of colors, weaves and designs. This webbing can be used in a variety of different applications depending on the type of material used and the style of the make including belts, luggage strap, pet care and much more.

Following is a list of our different types of webbing including their specific styles and widths.

Nylon webbing comes in three different styles; a multi strip, jacquard and diamond pattern.  These webbings are made in 1 inch widths or made to order widths. Nylon is a strong and resilient material and can be used in a variety of applications from sporting goods and outdoor to pet and equestrian and much more.

Cotton webbing comes in 11 different types including;  stripe, heavyweight, braid, cotton with rubber tracers, braided cotton elastic, chambray washed cotton, ribbed, 5 rib, natural cotton braid, waxed cotton braid and pebble weave. These webbings come in specific widths of 1 3/16”, 2”, 2 ¼” and made to order. Cotton is a strong natural fabric that can be used in a large variety of applications from pet colors and leases to cloths and baggage straps. 

Polypropylene webbing comes in taupe rib style with a specific width of 1 ¼” or made to order widths. Polypropylene webbing can be used in items for children, food services and other industries where cleaning is required.

Rayon webbing comes in two different styles; braided and braided with elastic. These styles come in a specific width of 13/16” or made to order. Rayon can be used in many different applications from baggage straps to belts.

All of our stylish and functional fashion webbing is made of high quality material with the end user in mind. If you have additional questions or would like help choosing the right fashion webbing for your specific application please call our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Call us today.Top of Form