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401 Black Lightweight Woven Nylon Webbing

401 Black Lightweight Woven Nylon Webbing

Product Description

Lightweight woven nylon webbing in black. Available in 5/8", 3/4", and 1" widths. Other widths and colors can be made to order.

National Webbing Co. (NWP) is the prime manufacturer of light weight woven nylon webbing. We offer a line of light weight nylon webbing in a plain weave colors in stock for fast delivery.

NWP’s basic light weight nylon webbing is stocked in a variety of 1” colors. NWPs’ most popular light weight nylon webbing colors are; Black, White, Grey, Navy, Red, and Taupe.  We can dye to order any color based on your requirements. We can make the Style # 401 light weight nylon in widths from ½” to custom order.

Light weight woven nylon webbings are made using very strong and durable fibers. Light weight nylon webbing is used in numerous industries and product lines such as; computer cases, pet, sporting goods, outdoor, handbags, luggage and military among many others.

The light weight nylon webbing is also used to make military packs and straps as well as in many outdoor products.

We can also provide cut pieces for your special requirements. Our prices are very competitive and we work hard to give you prices for our quality products. If you are not sure which product will meet your needs, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you make your choice. We are always available to help answer your questions. Call us today for competitive quotes! Visit our Nylon Webbing Page for more webbing options.

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