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CSC Black Polypropylene Elastic Cord

CSC Black Polypropylene Elastic Cord

Product Description

National Webbing Products (NWP) supplies elastic cord. This Cord is a rubber cord that is made up of one or a number of elastic strands in the core. The jacket surrounding the core is made of abrasive-resistant material such as polypropylene, polyester, or nylon. Elastic cord is often used to provide additional security for personal safety or luggage without the need of knots. We carry two different styles; a black polypropylene covered cord and a black and white polyester coved cord. We manufacture other solid colors and color combinations of cord to order along with different thicknesses.

Elastic cord may be used for a variety of purposes ranging from quickly tying down a load to allowing for minimal load movement during transit and many other uses. Our polypropylene covered cord comes in sizes ranging from 3/32” to ¼” and our polyester covered cord that is stocked in spools, comes in sizes ranging from 1/8” to ½”.

The two different styles of cord can be compared using our compare tool or you can give us a call so we can provide personalized assistance. Our goal is to offer, the highest quality products at a fair price and provide our customers with products that are functional, attractive, and distinctive. Our helpful and professional staff will gladly help you chose the right size, style and length of cord to meet your needs.  Because we can sell quality shock cord in large quantities, we can save you money and time.