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970 Royal Blue Polyester Woven Elastic

970 Royal Blue Polyester Woven Elastic

Product Description

1” width polyester woven elastic in classic royal blue. Roll size is 36yards, case pack is 720yards.

National Webbing Products (NWP) proudly sources high-quality elastic webbing for multiple applications. We produce each type of woven elastic in multiple colors, patterns, weaves, textures, and more. Browse our convenient online store to find exactly what you need to complete your company’s next project. From commercial to industrial needs, and even the military, we proudly carry exactly what you need to aid in production or apply our products directly into your own. We also offer stretch webbing, cotton webbing, polyester webbing, and even rayon webbing for many industrial needs.

In addition to the US military, equestrian sports, pet care industries, outdoors, the medical industry, and so many other fields turn to use for reliable products. The fashion industry uses our woven polyester elastic to construct straps, belts, baggage, suspenders, and many other clothing items.

Our elastic webbing is made of high-quality, long-lasting, and element-resistant polyester, but we also offer flexible cotton and strong rayon webbing. National Webbing Products offers polyester in 5 standard widths: 3/4”, 1”, 1-¼”, 1-½” and 2”. Styles include herringbone, pebble weave, woven, multi-color stripe, solid color, and Indian weave.

We also produce woven cotton webbing in multiple colors, widths, styles, and weaves: multicolor stripe, terry, and braided cotton webbing. All weaves create strong, attractive, and long-lasting webbing. Cotton elastic webbing is ultra-flexible but is soft to the touch.

Shop for the precise specifications you need here or explore more of our online store to find the right product for your next project. As always, you can contact National Webbing Products for a quote, information about our products, and so much more.