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Webbing is Great for Winch Straps

All flatbed truck drivers know what a winch strap is. In fact, most of those drivers always keep a selection of these straps on board. Without question, these straps are a fundamental tool for controlling cargo while on the road. What is the best material for a winch strap? Most would argue that it should always be made from webbed materials. Below, we want to take the time to highlight three main reasons why winch straps should be made from nylon webbing or polyester webbing.Nylon webbing

Webbing does not absorb water. Polypropylene, when compared to nylon and polyester, absorbs the least amount of water. Polypropylene webbing is less likely to shrink, rot, and develop mold (the way that other ropes can). Chains will tarnish, oxidize, and rust, but that won’t happen to the webbing. Nylon webbing has strong UV resistance and performs well in extreme temperatures.

Webbing is known to have a very high tensile strength. Tensile strength is defined as the ability of a material to withstand forces trying to tear it apart. In other words, this is called longitudinal stress. Tensile strength is the total amount of force necessary for ripping the winch strap. Webbing has high tensile strength because it is constructed from small fibers that get woven together. Wenches made from webbing materials can be tightened with considerable force (without damaging the integrity of the material).

Nylon Webbing

Webbing is a versatile manufacturing method. Webbing is constructed from different materials to heighten character traits. Different jobs call for different materials. Webbing can also be made in almost any length or width, which makes it usable for a large variety of jobs.

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