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Reasons to Consider Using Polypropylene Webbing

We carry webbing in a wide range of materials because we recognized there is not one webbing material that is designed to tackle every job. Each material offers its characteristics, which means they each have unique pros and cons. Picking the right material for ropes is one of the most important considerations.Shock Cord

Polypropylene webbing is often considered durable and inexpensive, which makes it an ideal choice for many retail and industrial applications. Polypropylene webbing is commonly used when manufacturing medical devices, backpacks, luggage, bags, tarps, pool covers, and hunting/fishing equipment. Polypropylene is used for more applications than just the few examples listed above. If you are wondering if this material will work for you, do not hesitate to reach out to our team with your questions. Do not forget to ask about our polypropylene elastic cords and military belts and buckles.

Polypropylene is used because it offers many advantages over other webbing materials. For instance, polypropylene has:

Polypropylene is made with extruded colored polypropylene rather than being dyed after woven, so colors are more vibrant and longer-lasting. The material is also able to be recycled, so it is considered Eco-friendly.

Military Buckle

It is essential to be mindful of some of the material’s drawbacks. Although there are many great benefits, it is not ideal for all applications. The material has less abrasion resistance when compared to both nylon and polyester, and polypropylene is also inferior when comparing strength ratings against other webbing materials.

Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing is commonly used to produce clothing and other related materials for both the public and military sectors. Finding an affordable, reliable source for your lightweight nylon webbing needs is imperative to your operations.

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