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How to Use Polypropylene Covered Elastic Cord

Few items in your garage are as useful and practical as polypropylene-covered cord, with several uses for your home, garden, and vehicle. This all-purpose item is functional and convenient, and is a necessary addition to any well-rounded tool kit.

Shock Cord

Elastic cord is an elastic cord usually contained within a polypropylene sheath. This makes the cords stretchy and strong, perfect for securing objects without tying knots.

For many years, cord was used in aircraft suspension and older styles of parachutes. Now its uses are varied, but it is often used to transport goods and can be valuable when maintaining your home and garden.

Easy Travel

The cord’s main use is in wrapping items together, making them easier to transport. cords make it easy to pack up lawn and garden tools, firewood, or camping gear.

Elastic cord has several other uses while camping. It can be used with a tarp or tent to create shelter and, if necessary, can replace a broken backpack or bag strap. They can also tie up rolled sleeping bags to save storage space.

Cords can also hold your trunk shut when transporting large items like furniture or building materials.

Best Yard on the Block

Another main function  is in yard work. They can be used to tie closed bags of beauty bark, grass seed, or fertilizer. You can also use cord to attach delicate saplings and new growth plants to an arbor or stand. The cords are flexible and won’t break or damage growing plants.

Elastic cords can also hold down tarps for outdoor storage, hiding yard waste or protecting a boat or trailer parked outdoors from the elements.

The varied uses of polypropylene-covered cord make it a vital addition to your tool arsenal. Whether you’re transporting goods, exploring the great outdoors, or maintaining your yard, cord will be helpful along the way.