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Uses of Neoprene Fabric in the Fashion Industry

Author: Robert K.

Designers are famous for creating a multimedia effect by pairing unlikely fabric combinations, then piecing them together into the newest, hottest, must-have look. However, there are a few materials that, to date, have fallen into the scraps pile before a pair of scissors ever got close.


Until recently, neoprene fabrics landed squarely into this category.

Neoprene, more commonly known as scuba suit material, is synthetically created rubber. This polymer was created in the late 1930’s, and at first glance, was not a material anyone would ever wear. It had a strong, repelling odor and was cost-prohibitive. It made perfect sense to utilize it for tires, hoses, and adhesives.

Over time, and after much modification, the wicking properties of neoprene sheets lent themselves to be formed into scuba gear and swimwear. This advancement launched the material’s first fashion revolution. Neoprene found quick acceptance in all things waterware. Yet, it seems quite illogical when you hear that a supermodel is wearing a high-waisted, ruffled hem gown made out of neoprene fabric.

Truly, the polymer once deemed suitable only for mechanics and engineers has made it to fashion week. One glance at the runway and there is no doubt, fashion and practicality have finally merged.

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Tops / Jackets

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