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What are the Common Applications of Elastic Cords

Elastic cords are popular tools used by manufacturers, individuals, and businesses. These cords offer many benefits, which is why they can easily be found in many common applications. A elastic cord is used for more than securing equipment and luggage.

A elastic cord is made from a series of stands that are sheathed in an elastic material. Often the inside of the cord is rubber, and a fabric covering covers it. The materials used and their thickness determine the characteristics of the elastic cord.Shock Cord

Below, we want to highlight some of the most used applications for elastic cords.

Building Outdoor Furnitureelastic cords are durable, and they withstand UV rays and elemental corrosion better than many other materials. Cords are used for lawn and beach chairs. Cords are also lightweight, which means that it is easy to transport and rearrange this furniture.

Military Gear- the US armed forces rely on elastic cords because they are reliable in the field. The cords are used to make equipment and to help transport essential Gear.

Camping/Athletic Gear – most climbers have an array of cords they use to keep themselves and their climbing partners safe. When they are done climbing for the day, they will use elastic cords again when setting up their tents and campsites.

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