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Replacing the Cord Lock: A Quick Guide

When it comes to maintaining your favorite blinds or shades, you may find that things start to break. Mechanical parts may begin to wear out over time and become unusable. For example, if you want to replace your cord lock, you will need a new plastic cord lock. Thankfully, replacing cord locks isn't difficult. Follow the below steps to fix your blinds or shades.

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Removing Blinds and Drawcords

Before you replace any plastic cord locks, you need to remove the blind or shade. It should be fully removed from the window, allowing you to continue this process. Be careful while removing the blind or shade to prevent any potential damage. You don't want to break your favorite blinds or shades. Once the blind or shade is removed from the window, it's time to work with the drawcords. You mustn't cut the drawcords. These are already made to fit with your blinds or shades. Instead, mark where the knot is on the drawcords, so you'll have a reference for later. Then, take the drawcords and untie them. This will allow you to take the old cord lock and pull the drawcords through it. Don't retie the knot until later.

Working with Cordlocks

Now that the drawcords are untied, you should remove the old cord lock. Simply pop it out of the headrail. Now, it's time to work with your new cord lock. If your cord lock is all ready to go, you can move to the next step. However, if it needs to be assembled, you will need to add both the pawl and pin to the cord lock's housing. Make sure you add the pawl before you add the pin.

Replace the Cord Lock

Now, you should be ready to put your new cord lock into the headrail. If you've followed every step, everything should go according to plan. Press down until the housing is snapped into place. If it was set up properly, you will hear a click to signal that everything's in position.

Back to the Drawcords

You can now take your new cord lock and thread your drawcords through it. Simply set put the drawcords between both the pawl and pin, but make sure to also go through the headrail. Then, take the drawcords and retie the previous knot. You have now successfully replaced and fixed your cord lock.

Once you're done, test your new cord lock. Make sure you go gently in case everything wasn't properly set up. However, if everything seems to work fine, you should be able to resume using your blinds or shades. A plastic cord lock might be just what you need to fix your shades or blinds. Contact National Webbing Products Co. today to replace your blinds today.

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