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Plastic Cord Locks Hardware

Author: Robert K.

If your products utilize plastic cord locks, you may understandably be looking for a reliable supplier of those products. The fact is that everything from the cost of your cord locks to the availability of those products for immediate shipping will affect your company’s ability to produce your goods in a timely and affordable fashion. National Webbing Products Co. is a leading supplier of plastic cord locks in the country, and we can provide you with all of your various webbing, hardware and other supplies. Click here for examples of cord locks.

We have worked hard to develop an innovative and highly cost effective manufacturing process, and you can use this process to your advantage. We have developed a wide range of plastic cord locks to accommodate most manufacturing needs. Our in stock options include a dual opening cord lock, a flat top cord lock, a standard cord lock, a plastic wheel lock and others. Many of our products are available in standard colors such as black and white, but they can also be customized to fit your specific needs.

As a full-service supplier, we offer plastic locks along with other types of plastic and metal hardware, various webbing products and other related products to meet all of your needs. We can also customize our plastic cord locks and other products to fit your specific needs. Our cost-effective manufacturing process includes manufacturing in our Asian facility to take advantage of affordable global rates. This savings is passed along to you in our affordable prices. We have taken our innovative manufacturing process to a new level, however, by storing our finished products in a domestic facility. By doing so, you can rest assured that your order will be processed and shipped to you quickly. You will not have to wait for in-stock orders to be shipped from overseas. We understand that delays in shipping can result to delays in your own manufacturing schedule.

Our goal at National Webbing Products Co. is to provide you with the most durable yet affordable products for your manufacturing processes. Many clothing suppliers use our products in their own manufacturing processes because of our dependable service and quality products. With a closer look at what we offer, you may determine that we are your best choice for plastic cord locks and other related materials too.

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