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Neoprene Fabric: The Desired Choice for Water Sports

Neoprene was invented decades ago and has since been used for numerous applications. Historically, it's been frequently used as an adhesive base, noise isolator, weather stripping, and numerous industrial applications. However, neoprene fabrics are commonly used for water sports because of their unique properties that few other fabrics, if any, can match. Here's what you need to know about neoprene fabric and its use in water sports.

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Water Resistance

The biggest reason neoprene fabric is used for water sports is because it's extremely water resistant. This is because the history of neoprene is its use as a synthetic rubber. It is 100% water resistant so it's a great choice for the outer layer of different water sports attire.

Insulating Properties

Another reason neoprene fabric is used for water sports is because of its insulating properties. It can withstand temperatures of -20 degrees, so wet suits are often made of neoprene that's 7 millimeters thick for superior protection in extreme cold. However, the protection does lessen as water gets deeper since the material compresses with water pressure.


Another quality of neoprene is that it's durable and resists degradation better than any other synthetic or natural rubber. This makes it great to use in sun and water because it'll last much longer than any other material.

Color Options

One thing you'll notice when shopping a neoprene fabric sale is the numerous color options available. Like any other fabric, neoprene comes in any color you can imagine. In addition to color options, neoprene fabric has been used in fashion in recent years to add sculptural pieces to clothing.


Neoprene is used in life jackets because although it's often used in conjunction with foam, neoprene has some buoyancy properties. That's because the spongy layer in the middle of the fabric is made by injecting nitrogen to make small bubbles. That makes them safer than other buoyancy aids that don't use neoprene.

Specific Water Uses

As mentioned, neoprene is the fabric of choice for wet suits and may be used with spandex to increase flexibility in deeper water. It's also frequently used for fishing waders, swimsuits, golfing jackets, and swimming gloves. Contact National Webbing Products Co. today to learn about other uses of neoprene fabric.