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Military Buckles

Author: Robert K.

Although they originated with the military's need for belts that remained simple enough to fasten with one hand and yet durable enough to stay in place in the face of extreme activity, the military-style buckle has long since gained a place in different cultural settings and as part of numerous styles. Military buckles are easy to use, long-lasting and uncomplicated, making them popular with many casual and activewear combinations for both sexes. Click here to see military buckles.

Military buckles rely on a simple sliding internal latch that doesn't run the risk of getting caught on something in a tight shipboard passageway or on a ladder. This makes them ideal for people whose jobs require them to wear utility belts, holsters or tool pouches in addition to their regular belts. In addition, these buckles are usually made of durable, unadorned metal, which means that they match other clothing and uniform items extremely well. This plain appearance makes them popular among youth skateboard and hip-hop cultures.

Another important aspect of military buckles is that they can be used with many different belts. The rear side of the buckle has a simple hinged hasp whose teeth dig into a webbed, cloth or even leather belt when it is closed. This allows the wearer to save money on belts when replacements are necessary or simply wear their favorite buckle as often as possible.

Of course, military-style belt buckles are also much handier than other kinds. This is because they are easier to fasten. By simply sliding the end of the belt into the open aperture and pulling the latch inside, the wearer can fasten their belt securely in a single, smooth motion. Although many casual wearers won't really be concerned with getting dressed in a hurry, the ability to do so makes it less of a hassle. This feature also makes it easier to make adjustments on the fly.

Because military buckles rely on natural backward tension to hold the latch and webbing in place they're much more secure. The belts that use such buckles are also better for general equipment or uniform distribution because they fit each individual with an instant, personalized feel.

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