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Industrial Specifications of Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber (chemical name chloroprene) invented by DuPont in 1930. It is flame-resistant as well as waterproof, and can withstand temperatures as low as -50°F to as high as 200°F, with a burn point at 500° F. It does not break down in sun (UV light), wind, heat, or cold. It is chemically inert and resists degradation.

Nylon Webbing

Neoprene is durable and resists tearing, cracking and abrasion. It is a corrosion-resistant alternative to natural rubber. It is low-compression, resilient, and retains its shape even with heavy and repeated use. Because of this, it’s a very cost-effective material even under extreme conditions. It can bond with steel, glass, acrylic, and metal.

Commercial Applications of Neoprene

Neoprene does not break down from exposure to petroleum-based based compounds such as oils, solvents, and greases. It resists alkaline, ozone, some mineral acids, salt solutions, and alcohols. It is therefore a preferred material in hoses, gaskets, weather-stripping, fan belts, seals, conveyor belts, tires, and electrical insulation, as well as dish gloves, safety gloves, and safety equipment.

Neoprene has excellent rebound and is used in protective sports gear such as elbow guards and knee pads, as well as military combat gear. It has orthopedic uses as supports, splints, and pads. Because of its versatility and durability, it has many automotive, aviation, and military applications.

Foamed neoprene is produced by “foaming” the neoprene with nitrogen gas during manufacturing. The gas bubbles remain in the material and increase its insulation and shock-absorbing qualities. It is used for wetsuits, sport shoes, and exposure protection gear.

Neoprene prevents static buildup in PC’s, laptops, and electrical equipment, and is used for mousepads, laptop sleeves, tablet holders, remote controls, and phone cases.  It is also made into chair pads, beverage coolers, and pet collars. It is valuable for noise-reduction and soundproofing in music and construction.

Neoprene is increasingly popular in fashion, where it is used in leggings, fitness-wear, casual wear, and high-tech fabrics. A neoprene fabric sale is a cost-effective way to see if neoprene is right for your application. Available as sheets, neoprene also comes bonded with other fabrics, such as nylon, medical plush, or spandex for added stretch.

Though most commonly available in black, you can find neoprene fabric for sale in colors such as amethyst, eggplant, and hunter green.

Neoprene is commercially available in extensive array of colors, textures, and patterns for a wide range of applications. You can find neoprene fabric wholesale online from reputable national suppliers.

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