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How Webbing Is Used in the Military

Webbing is a strong, durable, and lightweight material, which makes it perfect for use among combat units. Military units from all over the world outfit their soldiers with webbing for military uses. It serves many purposes on the battlefield, and can make the difference between life and death for many soldiers. Keep reading to learn about just a few of the potential uses of webbing in the military.

military webbing

Equipment Transportation

When transporting large, heavy equipment like ammunition, it is vital that the equipment is properly secured. Traditional means of tying down cargo, such as ropes or elastic, aren't reliable enough for such large loads. Strips of woven webbing are used to tie down military equipment and ensure that it is safely transported to where it is needed most.

Securing Soldiers' Gear

Soldiers in the battlefield are often required to wear a large amount of gear, including weapons, ammunition, radios, and survival equipment. With so much weight already packed onto them, it is important that the means of carrying this gear isn't contributing to the weight. Webbing is very lightweight, and so it is used to create military belts, utility pouches, and kits. The material is also strong enough that soldiers don't have to worry about the webbing breaking or even being cut during combat.

Storing Emergency Rations

Webbing is also used to supply soldiers with emergency rations. While most soldiers have food and supplies in their packs, these can often be lost in the confusion of a battle. However, soldiers can often store 24 hours' worth of food and supplies within the webbing they wear. This allows them to keep themselves alive for a day or two if they get separated from their platoon, giving them time to find their way back or to wait for rescue.

The sheer number of uses for military webbing is truly remarkable. It is a versatile and reliable material that makes an enormous difference military forces all over the world.