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Common Uses of Military Webbing

While many people know that MacGyver could fix anything with a Swiss Army knife and a little duct tape, the world has evolved and so have the handy tools. Now, webbing and plastic cord locks are the handy tools with many uses, so read on to learn some amazing hacks using these simple materials.

Nylon Webbing

Webbing and Plastic Cord Locks

Webbing is generally found in flat strips of woven fabric and is engineered to be incredibly strong. It is often used in place of rope and comes in varying widths and colors. The two common types are flat webbing, which is what seatbelts are made of, and tubular webbing, which is what climbers generally use. Plastic cord locks attach to drawstrings and tighten without using knots. They are commonly found on coats and on window blind fastenings.

The Outdoor Life

Any outdoorsy person worth their salt has a reserve of webbing that can be used in a plethora of ways. Canyoneers, rock climbers, and mountaineers use webbing to make anchors, form slings, hang equipment, attach gear to packs, and generally get the job done in tight situations. Campers use webbing to secure loads, hang hammocks, set up slacklines, set up tents, hang tarps, secure trash or food, and generally make life easier. Webbing is a smart material to have around and use for quick fixes and handy solutions.

Car Hacks

In addition to the obvious safety benefits of seatbelts, webbing can be useful in and around your car. For example, webbing is ideal for securing loads and tying things down, allowing you to pack things safely and in a smart way while taking fewer trips. Whether you are moving furniture or simply trying to make it through the family vacation, webbing can make it happen.

Plastic Cord Locks

Designers who need innovative solutions to problems often find that plastic cord locks are just the answer they’re looking for. Windbreakers, backpacks, laundry bags, and more are made better and more adjustable using these handy little toggles.

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