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Buying Wholesale Military Belt Buckles Online

Those who are buying military belt buckles as a piece of their military uniform have few choices when it comes to appearance. However, if you’re buying the buckles for fashion, a world of options opens up to you. There are a few factors you will need to consider when making your choice, including the material, shape, design, and more.

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These belt buckles are available in a variety of shapes, aside from the standard rectangle. You can also find military belt buckles in the shape of ovals, guns, ammunition, swords, 3D designs, and more. The best shape will depend on your personal style and preferences.


A lot of the buckles used in the military are made from brass. These, however, are difficult to polish and maintain, which makes them a non-optimal choice for fashion. Luckily, there are plenty of other metals to choose from. Consider purchasing pewter military style belt buckles wholesale or other lighter materials. These buckles are simpler to polish, clean, and maintain. Plus, they do not tarnish, so you do not need to polish the buckle before wearing it.


If you choose to buy wholesale military belt buckles to wear as fashion accessories, you can really get creative with the design on the buckle. Many people choose for practicality over creativity when it comes to belt buckles, which is why rectangle and oval shaped buckles are so popular. This type of buckle will go well with any outfit. However, for those fashion risk-takers out there, you can select your buckles from a number of funky design choices. Consider purchasing ones that have a colorful enamel, crystals, or beads, if you’re looking for a statement piece.


Some customers consider themselves to be collectors and often look for new buckles to add to their collection. If you consider yourself a collector, make sure you check out the year and regiment of the buckle. You should also research its authenticity and its overall condition.

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