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What is Military Webbing

Manufactures commonly use webbing products because of the strength and other benefits they offer. When individuals need the highest performing webbing on the market, they must shop for military grade nylon webbing. Our nylon webbing conforms to the most stringent international standards, while our staff promises to provide the best possible customer service and reliability. Below, we want to go over some general information about military webbing—more specifically, its construction and materials.


We only manufacture military grade webbing and elastic cords from the highest quality materials. After pieces are constructed, they will be:

  1. Resistant to mold, rotting, and some chemical contaminants
  2. Coated in a specialized finish that enhances inherent properties while also adding custom characteristics (i.e., anti-static, flame retardancy, Teflon coating)
  3. Made in colors determined by the purchaser. Rope will have lightfast and UV properties
  4. Made to specific military specification upon request (belt, parachute, tent, and backpack webbing sections)

Military Webbing

Our belt webbing is meant for use in active environments that will subject material to daily abrasions. These materials must be strong enough to exceed the general standards of most commercial belts. We use tight, coarse weaves while manufacturing because this rope lay maximizes strength capabilities without sacrificing the comfort or aesthetic appeal. Because of the benefits that webbing offers operators, it should be no wonder why it is being used in a broad array of military applications.

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