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The Wide World of Webbing

It is common to find webbed material all over the place. Manufacturers in different industries find different benefits from webbing. Most individuals have some webbing in their home, and if not, they at least see and use it every day. We want to take some time and discuss the practical application of webbing in different industries.

nylon webbing

Sporting Gear: rock climbers heavily rely on webbing to keep them safe while they are hanging off the side of a cliff. Polyester webbing is also used for everyday sporting gear like slings, harnesses, runners, quick draws, and anchor extensions. If you have ever gone camping or hiking before, you probably used some form of webbing if you carried a backpack or adjusted a tent.

Automotive: in cars and trucks, the most straightforward example of polyester webbing to refer to are seat belts, although they are used for a myriad of reasons. Racecar drivers rely on this material for safety when constructing racing harnesses that restrain a driver. Elastic cords help drivers haul large gear safely.

Furniture: webbing is commonly used as a base for the seating areas on couches and chairs. Webbing is used because it is durable, long-lasting, and flexible. The type of webbing used for these applications is often rubberized to improve the overall resilience (it also adds elasticity).

Military: military-grade elastic cords and webbing are tough enough to stand up to daily abuse required of military women and men. Cords and webbing can be printed with camouflage colors.

Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing is commonly used to produce clothing and other related materials for both the public and military sectors. Finding an affordable, reliable source for your lightweight nylon webbing needs is imperative to your operations.

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