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Military Spec. Webbing

Author: Robert K.

Military Spec. Webbing is used in a number of applications that call for heavy-duty, high-tensile strength straps and fasteners. The fact that it retains its elasticity even though it can support high weights and survive tension, however, means that it's also perfect for use in less-stressful apparel and accessories. Click here to see military spec. webbing.

For instance, fabricating a retail hiking backpack with Military Spec. Webbing instead of regular fabric straps ensures that the entire backpack will last longer. The fact that webbing of this caliber can easily handle oscillating motion caused by people trekking over hills and through valleys with full loads makes it way more durable in real-world applications. The same military-grade specifications that ensure it's ideal for utility belts, holsters and cargo straps also help ensure it's more comfortable for wearers. This is not a case of overkill either. By providing consumers with products made from the best materials, clothing companies ensure they'll receive rave reviews as their reputation grows more widespread.

Of course, the durability that Military Spec. Webbing brings to the table isn't only good for the obviously tough jobs. The straps on a purse or sports duffel bag undergo a surprising amount of stress during the course of their lifetimes. If there's one thing most people aren't afraid to do, it's to overstuff their personal bags, and using the right kind of webbing to deal with these loads is essential for apparel manufacturers that want their items to outlast their consumers' bad habits.

The other nice thing about Military Spec. Webbing is that it doesn't all have to look like industrial webbing. Twill and other weaves integrate seamlessly with most fashion styles, and they deliver intense strength that normal fabrics cannot match. Even though there are some pretty stiff, strong interfacing materials out there, they're really made to add volume and shape, not to hold up under major stresses. The best way to create something that will survive being used is to go with military-grade webbing, and the fact that it comes in different weaves, colors and materials like cotton or nylon means that it doesn't have to stand out from the rest of your product's look.

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